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Need 2 Feed is the welfare arm of Cornerstone Christian Family Church.

We believe God to provide wherever .





To  To teach and preach the word of God with clarity and simplicity

To To teach Love to all his people, that Love is a sacrifice to benefit somebody else.

      Importance of sharing among Gods children.

      To train members in order they may fulfill their function in the body of Chrit.

      To care for widows, orphans, Aids victims, alcohol and drug addicts, the aged and needy in a practical way.





·         To reach out to the community with the message of hope, Love and faith.

·    To reduce the degree of unemployment and immorality among young people and children in our community.

·    To empower the physically challenged in the community.

·    To provide youth with relevant information regarding spiritual life, Health and self care, education and care guidance

To assist youth on how to access bursary and job opportunities

Spiritual feeding scheme programs have been established throughout the community of Heidelberg and the surrounding areas. With the help of our generous friends and partners, we have been able to reach the following areas:


With over 250 people to feed every week, it remains our biggest challenge so far. More and more people from extension 7 and Ratanda location are joining in to feed. We are unable to open more feeding scheme programs in those respective areas due to our limited resources; as a result they all come to EXT23.


One of the remote areas, about 15km outside Heidelberg, people here live below poverty line. With no electricity, no proper sanitation, no clinics, no police and most importantly no school facilities. Without our ongoing programs, people here will go for days without any food to eat.

The challenge is to provide programs that will encourage them to move away from alcohol and drugs and we strongly believe liberating and restoring gospel of Jesus Christ by taking the church to where people are.

             3. BERGSIG EXT2

This place is totally undeveloped, yet Gods people survive. We would love to provide help to the people every week, but due to lack of resources it is not possible.

More donations such as clothing, blankets, non perishable food stuff are most needed at this stage.

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As you can see-through the photos provided, that we also cook for all our people once a week, and because of our ever increasing volumes of people in need. It has become more difficult to cope with the increasing demands. Therefore with you coming on board with us together we will be able to feed all Gods people. We also have few cars that are used to transport goods, food, music equipment, visual equipment, pots and stoves all to be used at the site. With petrol also ever increasing it will be most appreciated if we can receive any kind of assistant with regard to the problem. as you can see that transport has become the heart of the project.

The church slogan: “BUILDING THE NATION BY BUILDING THE FAMILY”I strongly believe we need to go out and find Gods people and for them to know that God loves them, is for us to show them the love.

Therefore need to share everything we have with them, because it is only by the grace of God that we 

Have all that we have. I therefore ask you to join me in helping to feed Gods children, for together we can make a big impact.

With this been done, there is still more to be done. Need To Feed programs will appreciate any kind of assistance to make this work of God a success and to reach more frontiers for Christ. If you want to visit us and see what God does or to be part of these outreaches programs, as an individual or group, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For further information in connection with the events, please contact Pastor Vigan at +27(0)829201786 or office no: 0163414245.

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The needs are great, and I am confident that as we partner together, we will continue to make a difference in people’s lives through all these outreaches.

I want to thank you in advance for your love and generous support. Let’s not wait another day. Lets ACT know and rescue countless people in our community. You and I are the ‘somebody’s who can help the hurting and hungry people who are waiting for their moment.

God is showing you a need, you are chosen by God, he selected u in person…to go out and safe lives. You can DONATE whatever the Lord lays in your heart; food, clothes, books, bibles, toys, etc. when you give to help the hurting –I can speak from experience, your life or you business will never be the same. YOU CAN CONTACT US ON: +27(0)829201786 or 0163414542.

On behalf of the program:  Need to Feed: THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND GOD BLESS YOU!

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